Readers Respond: The Ways of Eating Healthy


Eating healthy isn’t easy with all the temptations out there and our busy schedules. How do you eat healthy?

What tricks do you use to control your portion sizes or choose healthy meals when you eat out?

Tell us your tips and tricks for eating healthy and keeping your calories under control.


1- use a small plate when eatimg dinner. 2- cook healthy food 3-refrain from buying junk food as much as you can 4- eating healthy meam ns living healthy 5-make a list of the food you want to eat the next day 6-be organised with your cooking (include protein and salad) 7- i make a list of the meals i will cook for the week. i like to be organised as much as i can.
—Guest rim


eggs contain good cholestrol, they are potentially good for you. they only have good fats
—Guest louis


wish i can convince my gf to workout with me..she was in a waaay better shape than i was when we first got together..since then she’s gained 60lb and i lost 70lb..i dont like asking her to exercise anymore because she’ll say stuff like, “you love me for my mind not my body, if you dont like this then go back to your ex” i feel good though, i dont want my kids to grow up on junkfood
—Guest caliboy

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