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The Walking Company网站简介:全球领先的鞋类零售商,旨在以最优惠的价格、最好的服务、最好的选择服务消费者。其鞋类齐全,折扣众多,汇集了UGG、ecco、new balance、dansko等众多品牌,而且样式尺码较全,是海淘鞋子不可错过的一个网站。

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Tips for shopping the Neiman Marcus

The Target + Neiman Marcus collection, featuring the limited-edition gift-able designs by 24 renowned CFDA designers, drops in shops an internet-based tomorrow and if it goes anything like the last mega collaboration with Missoni, we foresee a lot of heartache and headaches in our very near future. However, it does not need to be all crocodile tears and chaos. As seasoned sample sale shoppers, we’ve compiled a summary of four ideas to bear in mind when shopping the collection this Saturday, Dec. 1. Pay attention to us and you’ll achieve success. Maybe. No promises. Good luck to you all. But be warned, when we help you pursuing that last Altuzarra cocktail set, we’ll take you out.Scope out the suburbs. They’re your hidden gems. We anticipate there is going to be some serious shopping car showdowns at the South Bay Plaza and Framingham, so locations that are less city-central are your best bets for smaller crowds, shorter lines, and selection. Unlike a few of their other designer collaborations, the Neiman Marcus collection will be available at all Target locations. Make use of the store locator. Use a GPS. Get thee to the suburbs.
Try Neiman Marcus. Just a little known fact — or maybe just one that we’ve been attempting to keep to ourselves — Neiman Marcus will even carry the entire Target collaboration, online and in stores, for sale that day. Neiman Marcus Copley is establishing shop on level one by men’s. We’re assuming the shopping experience is going to be (just a little) more civilized and frantic than its big box counterpart, perhaps it’s the lack of the potential of purchasing Teddy Grahams and Burt’s Bee’s lip balm on the way to the check-out lane. Pricing and merchandise is going to be the identical. Someone may provide you with a chilled bottled water or perhaps a complimentary Bobbi Brown makeup application on your way out, but just take it with stride. Contemplate it a reward for shopping smart.Create a strategy. There is a purchase limit on this collection, a release from Target/Neiman Marcus reads: “Guests can buy up to five of the identical item per transaction at Target and Neiman Marcus stores, and online at and” This really is good for two reasons: it hopefully will cut down on eBay hoarders and can keep the selection plentiful for the rest of us. Study the collection’s lookbook and price list before you go to some store or log in online on Saturday morning. Choose your favorites, create a list, and concentrate. It is all about strategy, baby.If everything else fails, try again later. Which means you logged onto to, pinpointed that perfect Thom Browne school boy blazer, only to find out it’s out of stock online whenever you consider adding it to your cart. Or, the actual life equivalent occurs in-store. Don’t fret. Bookmark your favorite items and appearance back frequently, you never know when there will be a replenishment to online stock or if a return inside your size has been created. Same goes with in-store: the returns will happen. (Though according these released, they have to happen before Jan.5.There’s always that’s second chance the adorable baby Marchesa party dress you have been lusting over can have up on the clearance rack come mid-January. Just wait and find out.

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接下来就来说说猜酒店的方法,那就是使用Priceline的Express Deals功能。基本的假设是最后Bid到的酒店往往就是Express Deals给出的特价酒店而且可能的成交价格大概比Express Deals的特价低10%左右。这个假设是因为之前看到过一个攻略说,通常Hotwire(类似于Express Deals的另一个订房网站)给出的酒店有可能就是Priceline拍到的酒店,随后就想到如果用Priceline自己的Express Deals也许会更准确,之后就经过尝试发现果然如此,于是就抛弃Hotwire了。

这个方法是我在预订美国酒店时亲身体验总结出来的,不敢说是否能够适用于所有情况,因为我只拍过Key West、波士顿纽约三个地方,且基本都属于市区中心位置,但是拍过的这三个酒店都是全部猜中,丝毫不差,所以应该还是有一定的实用性。下面举两个具体例子来说明一下。

以Key West为例:
首先选择check-in日期为2014/01/08check-out2014/01/10,两个晚上,1间房,点search可以看到这个页面。我们先看看Express Deals给出了哪些特价酒店,选Express Deals


可以看到Express Deals给出了很多特价酒店,但是根据区域再筛选,就得到了特定区域Key West-Old town的一间酒店。注意:这个区域也就是你要bid的一个或几个区域。


这时可以知道这间酒店是4星,评分8分,还是Guest Favorite,价格是259刀一晚,并且比平常价格节省至少20%。以上这几个信息非常重要,是猜中酒店的必备条件。那如何猜呢?很简单,就到List View里面去找。因为不管是List View,Name your own price还是Express Deals,都是在Priceline的库里面,评分、星级、设施这些都是一样的,所以知道了一些条件就非常容易筛选。于是选择区域Key West(这里没有细分到Old town,就只能选这个了),4星,于是就剩下7家酒店了。 3

在这7家酒店里面,8分的共有4家(一般Express Deals给几分就找几分,不用找比他高分的哈),
Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort ,8.3分,329刀
The Westin Key West Resort & Marina ,8.8分,319刀
Ocean Key Resort And Spa – A Noble House Resort ,8.7分,381刀
The Pier House Resort And Caribbean Spa ,8.2分,364刀

那么到底是哪家呢?这时Express Deals的价格排上用场了。刚刚查到Express Deals给的价格是259刀,便宜20%+,把这个价格还原,
259/(1-20%)=323.75,可以看到最接近的就是Casa Marina,329刀,基本可以判断就是Casa Marina了。

那么这间酒店到底怎么样呢?最简便的方法是看tripadvisor,有游客拍得大量酒店实图和评论可以参考,看过之后,酒店什么样基本上就清楚了。我们现在就去tripadvisor看看Casa Marina怎么样。在www.tripadvisor.com搜索Casa Marina,很容易看到,2014/01/082014/01/10Expedia,Bookings和官网给出的价格都是429刀,好高啊!接下来点击左下方旅游者拍摄的酒店图片,有1300多张,酒店环境到房间设施应有尽有,是好是坏一目了然了。


680x (1)

如果觉得酒店满意,接下来就可以去拍了。回到pricelinename your own price.选择区域Key West-Old town,酒店星级4星。

680x (2) 680x (3)


接下来就是出价。出价主要参照的依据就是Express Deals的价格,Express Deals的价格是259,我们按通常低10-15%的原则可以先出220,当然也许你想赌一赌,试着出200或者更低也可以,但以我之前的几次经验,基本上最后的成交价格都是比Express Deals的价格低10%左右。所以由此可以看出,使用Express Deals不但可以预知酒店,还可以预知大概的成交价格,避免怎么拍都不中,还要一遍一遍改条件,清cookies什么的,非常麻烦。当然如果你不是很着急,也可以在一开始就出很低的价格,一点一点往上加,多拍几天,这样就可以得到最低的价格了。


Key West酒店少,可能比较好猜。我第一次拍就是拿Key West练手,结果一试就中。下面再选择纽约这个比较难拍的城市来猜一下。


纽约是公认的比较难搞的城市,区域多,酒店多,价格贵,特别是楼主当时正好是10月份,赶上金秋旺季呀,那个房价狂飙的,看的楼主眼泪哗哗的。。。  经过楼主日日夜夜苦心研究,好歹是拍了一个,虽然也不便宜,但是实在是没办法找到更便宜的了,不过后来住过后感觉还是非常不错的。

拍纽约的酒店,事先猜中就太重要了,因为纽约酒店质量参差不齐,楼主住过不只一次,有时就算是五星级酒店都未必如你所愿的好,但这次拍的三星级Hyatt Place确实物超所值,原因就是事先猜中并在tripadvisor里看到了图片,是刚开业不久的新酒店,虽然房间不大,但是很新很实用,交通也便利。


还是按照一样的方法,搜索2014/01/082014/01/10Express Deals。再啰嗦一句,纽约区域太多,旅游者通常会住曼哈顿,所以大家要拍前先把各个区域都仔细了解一下,确定几个目标区域。这里以我当时选择的Midtown East区域为例

680x (4)

选择区域后可以看到有3家酒店有特价。这时楼主一般会看看有没有免费早餐和wifi,另外评分也很重要,一般8分以上的都不错,有GUEST FAVORITE的就更好了,然后再比较一下这几间的价格。这次Express Deals给出的这几间貌似都还不错,我们就以3.5星级价格143刀的和4.5星价格210刀的为例。 List View选择ME区域,3.5星,8分以上有4间,刚刚Express Deals里的这间有Free Internet,这个条件可以用上,在Hotel Amenities里选Free Internet Access,这样就只剩3间了。 680x (5) 680x (6)

进行价格还原,143/1-25%=190.67,再一看Courtyard by Marriott Midtown East正好是191,基本就是它了。

再看4.5星那间,更新筛选条件,9分以上的只有一间,还原价格,210/1-20%=262.5,而Omni Bershire Place正好是263,明摆着告诉你就是它了。 680x (7)



纽约比较麻烦的是他的List View里面的区域比较少,有些比如Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden这些在List View里面都没有,这能根据地图选大致的区域。如果发现似乎和猜测对不上时,也可以不筛选区域,用价格和星级、设施等其他条件猜,再结合大致的位置,应该也是可以猜到的。


注意:Priceline上的价格经常会发生变化,所以大家最好在出行日期前1-2个月就开始关注Express Deals,如果有合适的,关注一段时间后就要及时下手了。有人说Priceline越临近入住日期拍越便宜,其实不一定,就我拍的经验来讲,只要Express Deals的价格没变,拍得的价格就不会有太大出入,所以只要时常关注就可以了。