This is the biggest discount on tax software that I’ve seen this tax season. You can get 30% off tax software at H&R Block with a coupon code available at through April 15, 2010. Click on the link above to get the discount. Here is how the pricing breaks down for the four tax software programs. Each one builds upon the version before it.


1. Basic version with most tax forms, step-by-step directions, and error checking - FREE!

2. Deluxe version is meant for homeowners and investors because it also has forms for the sale of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and audit support for$34.96 (orig. $49.95).

3. Premium version is meant for the self-employed and landlords because it also has live tax advice, Schedule C guidance, rental income assistance and advanced tax calculators for $52.46 (orig. $74.95).

4. The “best of both” version means a tax professional reviews, corrects, certifies and files your return, plus you get unlimited live tax advice via phone or e-mail, for $55.96 (orig.$79.95).

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